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Our experienced design team will support all the key players, to make your project a success.

DenseCRETE® and ShieldBLOCK® high density (heavyweight) concrete systems are the most versatile in the market and offer the widest variety of profiles, densities and solutions.

Any Density: We will help you review the cost and space impact of both standard weight concrete and high density (heavyweight) concrete radiation shielding systems.

Any System: With traditional poured in place concrete using high density (heavyweight) aggregates or the new precast modular block systems, SCS will help identify the best solution for your project's schedule and budget.


From Design to Construction
Our Services Include:

  • Coordination with your Radiation Shielding Design Team to Establish the Project Goals

  • Documentation of the Radiation Shielding Design Parameters

  • Support for Architects with AutoCAD Designs & Details of Linear Accelerator Vaults

  • Support for Physicists with Material Data and Comparisons

  • High Energy Radiation Vault Shielding Designs and Consultation

  • Radiation Neutron Door Design by ShieldDOOR®

  • Feasibility Analysis of all Systems and Combinations

  • Poured-in-Place Systems using DenseCRETE® Concretes

  • Modular Unit Systems – ShieldBLOCK® Interlocking, Solid, and Hollow Core Units

Radiation Shielding Options for Maze Entry 20x24
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